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In regard to the scoreboard, our past seasons have been a roller coaster ride of success, and not-so-much success. There were years that I had to ask college teams to let us play their “B” sides. There are other years where we were low in numbers, and had to scrape enough kids together to play opposing high school teams “B” sides.

We are actively recruiting young, athletic, high school aged girls to come join us. Rugby is an amazing sport that can fit any body/skill type, as long as you are willing to work hard and be a dependable teammate.

For the record, we were the first public high school affiliated rugby team for girls in the state of Massachusetts! Since our birth in 2006 (thanks to the perseverance of Dani McAvoy and the pioneers that joined her for our first season), a few other high school teams have formed. Several other teams have formed and then disbanded, but the teams that remain standing are, Algonquin High School, Belmont High School (emerging,) Needham High School, Newton South High School, and a regional team for girls from Essex county. Belmont High School is jumping into the fray this year, but will not have a full schedule. There is also a very strong regional team in the Berkshires, but due to geography, we usually only see them at the jamboree or our state tournament, OR when they agree to haul across the state to play us during the week (thank you Berkshire!) We also play against teams from Portland Maine, and several teams from Connecticut. There are more schools out there that are interested in joining us in the fold. Stay tuned to find out what happens in the next year!

Spring 2015 match updates!

April 2nd

Game #1     Lincoln Sudbury hosts Algonquin A team

Algonquin 27 – LSRHS 10

Who can deny the power of Algonquin? What a team! They came at us hard, and showed us the power of confident running, and no hesitation rucking. They made us EARN our two trys, and made us pay for some mental and physical lapses. Thank you for showing us where we need to work, and for being such great competitors and friends! When debriefing the match, our team agreed that Algonquin players, on the whole, were more fit than us. Thankfully that is a controllable. It sounded like there was a resounding agreement from the team to make this a priority moving forward (Yay! Rugby is SO much more fun when you can breathe.) There were many things to celebrate in our match, and so much to talk about as we prepare for our night game against Essex next week. One of our trys was a beautifully sequenced, forward hi-light reel! Katie Flanagan picked up the ball and ran HARD just outside of the try zone. She sucked in the defense, had great support in the ruck, and it was picked out by our brand new scrum half, Shirley Liu. Shirley used quick thinking and a calm head to deliver a beautiful, well-timed pop-pass to a hard running, pop-pass demanding, Elena Ciaramella, who drove it into the try zone to score her first-ever try!

Game #2     Algonquin B team versus Essex County A team (with some L-S players too!)

I missed the final score on this match, but this is what I know – Trishla Gandhi and Destiny Vidal, made their mark on this field! Trishla made it her mission to pressure the opposition’s scrum half in all lost line outs, and was responsible for at least 5 or 6 of the opposing teams turnovers! Destiny made it her mission to display some HARD running, which was greatly appreciated by Essex county’s backs. The game experience will be a real springboard for their growth as we move into the next segment of our training. ALL of LSRHS’s players were in jerseys with cleats tied, ready-to-go. THIS is the hunger we are looking for!

April 10th

Lincoln Sudbury traveled to Amesbury Sports Park to play Essex

Essex 25- LSRHS 12

What a night! We took a LOOOOONNNGGG bus ride up to Amesbury, and arrived to see mist coming off the fields. We played under the lights, with a hearty crowd of lacrosse fans who had been practicing just before us. People wanted to stick around to see this crazy sport that we play!

There were some low-lights (Molly Plante caught her finger in someone’s jersey and her finger broke! We let up 5 tries, and a few players didn’t make it into the game.) There were also some big hi-lights! Kamaya Moss stepped in to play flyhalf and rocked it! Newcomer Kendall Dawson converted a kick after Thea Callen slammed into the try zone, and Olivia Stuart was a rucking machine! The loss doesn’t show what huge growth we had this week. 60% of our team has never played rugby before this season, and the learning curve is steep! Bumps, bruises, and a broken finger had everyone moving into new positions, and everyone rose to the challenge. We are most proud that despite our frustrations, we remained “positive-demanding” of each other, and we were all able to see how far we’ve come! Great game! Onward towards Newton!

Stay tuned for more details and updates of our 2015 Spring Season!