Please DO NOT drive/park in the bus loop – emergency vehicles need to pass.. Park and pick up in the parking lot ONLY.

“You show true character when you are inconvenienced.”

•Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child and others.
• View the game with team goals in mind.
• Attempt to relieve competitive pressure rather than increase it.
• Encourage multi-sport participation (vs specialization).
• Release your children to the coach and the team.
• Look upon opponents as friends involved in the same experience.
• Accept the judgment of the officials and coaches; remain in control.
• Accept the results of each game; do not make excuses.
• Demonstrate winning and losing with dignity.
• Dignify mistakes made by athletes who are giving their best effort and concentration.
• Be an encourager – encourage athletes to keep their perspective in both victory and defeat.
• Be a good listener.
• Accept the goals, roles, and achievements of your child.
• If you have a concern, make sure your child feels the same way. Ask your child to discuss the concern with the coaches. If there is still a problem, set up a meeting with the coaches and your child to try and solve the problem.
• Coaches and parents should be viewed as being on the same team – we are allies.
• After a game, parents should give their children space and time.
• After a game (win or lose), youngsters need a parent – not another coach/critic.
• Parents should be confidence builders by maintaining a consistent perspective and not saying or doing anything that will have their children feel like their self-worth is tied to playing time or outcome of a game.
• There are 4 roles in interscholastic athletics: player, coach, official, parent/spectator. Pick one role only.

Based on psychological research, the three healthiest statements parents can make as [kids] perform are:

Before the Competition:
Have fun.
Play hard.
I love you.

After the competition:
Did you have fun?
I’m proud of you.
I love you.

“I love to watch you play.”
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Thank you and enjoy the season!