LS Field Hockey FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can an incoming 9th grader tryout for JV/Varsity?
Yes. All players (9th-12th) are welcome to tryout.
How hard are tryouts?
As hard as you choose to make them. “If you think you are beaten. You are.”
Why evaluate timed endurance runs (1 – 3 miles) at tryouts?
In a field hockey game you run an average of 2-4 miles. Timed endurance runs are a demonstration of mental toughness and preparation. If you are unable to participate in timed runs you will be limited to participate in practices or scrimmages. You are expected to have a strong cardiovascular foundation to be part of the field hockey program.
How many 9th graders make JV or Varsity?
It depends on the number of kids trying out, skill level… etc.
What if a 9th grader does NOT make JV or Varsity?
They can tryout for the 9th grade team. Please check schedule for 9th grade tryouts.
Are 9th graders guaranteed a spot on the 9th grade team?
It depends on the number of kids trying out, skill level… etc.
What equipment do I need to bring to tryouts?
Stick, goggles, mouthguard, shinguards, water, white tshirt with name and grade on back.
If I am not selected from another sport tryout, can I try out for 9th field hockey if I have never played?
Go for it! We encourage all athletes to try field hockey. However, selections depend on the number of kids trying out, skill level… etc.
When can we take care of registration and turn in our check$ or sign up online?
Now – ASAP. The earlier the better. DO NOT register on the day of tryouts because the registration line will be long and you may miss tryouts. Tryouts start PROMPTLY – we will NOT wait for you. DO NOT mail the check and registration. Register online. L-S now offers the option to pay for athletic fees on-line. You can pay by having your checking account debited (no transaction fee) or you can pay using a MasterCard or Discover credit card (transaction fees apply). To use this feature, go to the L-S website home page and click on the “Adminsitrative Info” tab on the left side of the screen and then click on “Athletic Fee Payment.”
When will the check be deposited?
After the teams are picked. If a player is not selected then the check will be mailed back to your address. Refunds will be processed.
How can I find out about summer field hockey events?
Check out the field hockey website (LS Field Hockey Website) and contact the Captain Council.
What if my player’s physical expires during the season?
The DPH has mandated an immediate change in the MIAA regulation for medical physicals and athletics.  If a student’s physical runs out during the season, that student is ineligible.  The rule used to be that if your physical was dated within 13 months of the start of the season, you were eligible (even if it expired during the season).  That is no longer the case.  This is a major change that athletes and parents need to understand. Students must have a physical on file that is good for the entire season (start to finish).  If it expires at any time during the season, another physical exam must be completed in order to be eligible.
The regulations specify that school policies must include documentation of a physical examination prior to a student’s participation in extracurricular athletic activities on an annual basis consistent with 105 CMR 200.100(B)(3): Physical Examination of School Children. The MIAA has a rule for its members (Rule 56.1 Student Eligibility/School Requirements: Physical Examinations/Medical Coverage/Concussions) which requires a physical exam within 13 months of the start of each season, but allows a student “who meet[s] this criterion at the start of the season will remain eligible for that season.” What do we do if a student needs another physical exam during the sports season?

The DPH regulations regarding head injuries and concussions in extracurricular athletic activities, 105 CMR 201.006(A)(3), were written to be consistent with existing DPH regulations regarding physical exam requirements for students, 105 CMR 200.100(B)(3), and to apply to all public middle and high schools and MIAA member schools. Both require a physical exam “on an annual basis.” DPH is sensitive to issues of insurance coverage in those cases where repeat physical examinations within a 12 month period would not be covered. For that reason, the DPH regulations do not specifically define “on an annual basis” as being strictly within a 12 month period, but left that policy-making decision to schools. To comply with DPH regulations, schools have the option to choose to adopt a policy that requires physical examinations within 12 or 13 months of the student’s last physical.