*in coming 9th graders/parents are welcome and encouraged to attend


Late is NOT an option.

6:30  parent meeting in auditorium with all parents, athletes and coaches
7:00  team meetings with individual teams and their parents & athletes


  • Vicky R. Caburian  – Varsity
  • Amanda Klein  – JV
  • Sarah Greeley – 9th
  • Lynda Lareau – Assistant to 9th-Varsity

Please visit the LS Field Hockey website for more information

INDEX Cards –

What do you (player or parent) want to get out of the field hockey program?

What concerns do you (player or parent) have about being part of this program?


  • Online registration – Family ID
  • Printout certification
  • New parent orientation meeting (Coach Sarah Greeley)


– Vision for the Future of the LS Field Hockey Program

– Goals

– Booster Club membership and support – coaching clinics, equipment, fundraising… Boosters has donated over $1 million to the LS teams.

– Captain Council – promote shared leadership, emphasis that all roles have equal importance

– More competitive program

– Population increase

– Increase involvement with Lincoln and Sudbury through clinics and camps

– Provide a challenging and positive experience not just as athletes, but as LS students/athletes


ALL players must have a current physical and registration fee

Bona fide team rule

Use of technology to communicate information (Parents and player comments)

Read and Understand the Athletic Program Code of Conduct

PLEASE DO NOT park in the bus loop to pick up athletes. Park and pick up in the designated parking area.

AWAY GAMES Expectation – All players are expected to come home with the team. We understand life happens and …

Club teams, Off season involvement

Concerns regarding high school team expectations and commitment.

Interscholastic Athletics philosophy and Club philosophy

LS Fitness Center Preseason training opportunities – strength and conditioning coach. Opportunity for teams to work together in a safe and educational environment.

9th grade

FUN, long term healthy activity development, competitive, learning experience, guaranteed game play, introduction to shared leadership. Everyone gets playing time.

JV level

FUN, long term healthy activity development, more competitive, learning, experience, improving skills, developing shared leadership … Potential Varsity players. Everyone gets playing time, however, amount of game time will depend on coach evaluation of the player. JV does not guarantee a Varsity status in the future.


FUN, long term healthy activity development, most competitive, learning experience, higher level of skill/play, passion for the game, maturity level – what is your role on the team?, some future collegiate/club players, developing and implementing shared leadership. Previous Varsity status does not guarantee Varsity again. Game play on Varsity is not guaranteed.

Team Selection Criteria /Player Evaluation

Objective – summer workouts calendar, timed/recorded scores, skills/ability

– speed, agility, stamina, & strength

– meet the needs of the team (defense, offense, goalie)

Subjective – positive attitude, effort, coach comments & observations

– a true team player ( encourages & supports teammates)

– enthusiastic, high work ethic, coachability …


#1 Team Rule: Do NOT disappoint your teammates.

  • Showing up counts!
  • Being part of an LS team is a privilege and your choice. 
  • Transportation – Expectations for riding the bus/van home (48 hours or MORE in advance of when you know about the life situation). it is an important part of the program culture to be on the bus.
  • Maintain clear communication between players, parents, coaches and teammates.
  • Encourage players to talk with the coach first if there is a concern. Parents may then contact the coach and then if necessary Athletic Director.
  • As a courtesy, please inform coaches when using their name and information (ex: recommendations, recruiting process, scholarships…)
  • Encouraging healthy balance of multisport and multiactivity participation to decrease (physical and emotional) risk of injury and burnout. Play for the love of the game! Let the kids play!
  • College field hockey opportunities – “What should I do if I want to play in college?”
  • Club, intramural, Division I, II or III
  • Honesty, fairness, consistency, sacrifices …
  • Players must respect and follow all MIAA regulations regarding drugs, alcohol … Any violations will not be tolerated. It is our goal to provide a safe, competitive and supportive learning experience.
  • Parents and players must understand and sign the LS Code of Conduct and MIAA guidelines
    – “In the presence of …” – What does that mean?
    – Athlete consequences for violation.
  • The undersigned recognize: (1) There are risks of injury or damage resulting from such participation. Any activity involving contact, motion or height creates the possibility of serious injury, including permanent paralysis and even death; (2) There may be costs in the event of such injury or damage and all costs, for the injury or damage and for any insurance against such risks, are the responsibility of the undersigned.
  • All field hockey participants must be PASSING all classes to participate.

INTRODUCE: Captain Council – promote shared leadership, emphasis that all roles have equal importance

I am proud of these young women for preparing for this meeting.

These leaders are …

  • Leaders on other LS teams, club and activities
  • Coaches at R.E.A.L. Field Hockey and at other camps
  • Leaders in the classroom and the LS community
  • A bridge between players and coaches

The challenges ahead will “encourage leadership potential, compassion for others and perseverance in achieving individual and ‘team’ goals” – Wellness Department Philosophy.

Itʼs NOT just about field hockey… itʼs about your life choices.

Thank you for supporting the LS Field Hockey Program!