The Excellence in Writing Award

Nominations for the “Excellence in Writing Award” originate from the English Department faculty members, and the English Department makes the final decision on the recipients for this award. The following are the criteria the Department takes into consideration when making nominations and deciding on the recipients:

The preponderance of writing in a student’s overall body of work…

  • has been revised and edited carefully
  • communicates in a real, personal voice
  • is compelling and/or inspiring to read
  • is clearly written and well-planned
  • shows insight and originality
  • shows a sense of style: varied sentence structure and paragraph structure with an understanding of stylistic effect
  • demonstrates a connection of style and content; that is, how subject and/or theme can determine the style and structure of one’s writing
  • contains sophisticated analysis and interpretations: that is, draws thematic conclusions and connections, and may point out influences from other works and on other works
  • develops and demonstrates a complex thesis, idea and sense of purpose
  • shows the student has consistently taken ownership of assignments
  • consistently exceeds the expectations of the assignments
  • shows the students’ craft has evolved and grown over time

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