10th, 11th and 12th Grade Summer Reading Information

Being educated means being an independent reader and thinker, and we hope your L-S education has helped in that goal.  To contribute to that goal, the English Department has made a list of suggested readings for you, arranged by course.  These titles are supplementary to the regular curriculum of the courses.  We urge you to develop an independent reading program and to read as much as you can in the summer and all year long.

As you read books of your own choosing this summer, keep a list of the books that you read and the authors of those books.  At the beginning of school in the fall, your English teacher will collect your list signed by you and a parent (or guardian), confirming that you have, in fact, done the reading.  Completion of at least two books — either from the list or from your own choosing — will earn you a “commendation for summer reading” on your first quarter report card.  In addition, all your summer reading lists will be included in your four-year writing folder.  We hope you will discuss what you read not only in school, but also with your friends and your families.

If you want more reading suggestions or have any particular questions, be sure to ask your English teacher.

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading.

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