***Ninth Grade Summer Reading Update: The English Department is aware that due to an unforeseen technical snafu, schedules were sent out about a week later than expected. However, given the accessible nature of the summer reading books and the purpose of summer reading — enjoyment and enrichment — we are confident that all ninth graders can complete the summer reading by the first full day of school, Wednesday, August 30th. Enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy your summer reading book.

Welcome to the Lincoln-Sudbury English Department!

The English curriculum at Lincoln-Sudbury has grown out of particular perceptions and beliefs about our students. L-S students are intellectually and emotionally diverse. One of the primary tenets of our philosophy is that learning is a lifelong process. We assume that each of our students has unique gifts as well as needs; respecting this range of capabilities, we have a curriculum that challenges all students’ perceptions of their intellectual limits. We believe in educating students to be critical as well as creative thinkers, so that they will be able to communicate and engage actively in the world.

All courses should encourage active learning. There are many approaches to the study of literature; students should experience a number of them during their four years. Students should study literature to learn about their own cultural traditions, other cultural traditions, human attitudes, psychology, spiritual issues, values and ethics, aesthetics, and methods of criticism and analysis. Literature should also inspire thinking and writing through the education of the imagination. We believe students should have as much freedom as is possible and reasonable to develop skills and interests, to change their view of the world, and to experience a variety of opinion, expression and ability. Our commitment to an elective program is predicated upon these beliefs.

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