SGP:¬†Each student who participated in the MCAS ELA or Mathematics tests in grade 10 and who also took the MCAS test in grade 8 in that subject receives a Student Growth Percentile (SGP) score. The SGP compares a student’s MCAS score with the scores of all students in the state at that grade level who received similar MCAS scores in prior years. SGPs range from 1 to 99; higher numbers represent higher growth and lower numbers represent lower growth. An SGP of 75, for example, means the student’s progress is higher than 75 percent and lower than 25 percent of the students in the state with similar prior test scores. This method works independently of MCAS achievement levels. Therefore, all students, regardless of the scores they earned on past MCAS tests, have an equal chance to demonstrate growth at any of the 99 percentiles. School and district growth percentiles represent the growth of the median, or middle, student in the school or district. Most school and district median SGPs tend to range between 40 and 60. Schools outside of that range are showing less or more growth than the typical school in Massachusetts.