L-S Clinical Counselors:
Clinical counselors and school psychologists are available to meet with students who, for whatever reason, are struggling with personal/social issues that are interfering with their learning and their thriving in the high school environment. Each counselor is affiliated with a particular house and the student will be referred to the clinician associated with his/her house. Students can refer themselves or be referred by their house counselor, staff or a family member. In the case where a student needs more ongoing therapeutic support, counselors will refer appropriately to outside agencies. Clinical counselors are also available to consult with parents. We also have graduate student interns, who are available to work with students, and are supervised by onsite clinicians.

East House & ACE: Stephanie Benash – Clinical Counselor, x4251
North House & ASC
: Emily Phillips – Clinical Counselor, M, W, Th, & F only, x3303
South House & Testin
: Jillian Coutu – School Psychologist, x3300
West House, REACH, & LINK
:  Jen Reen – Clinical Counselor, x3301
West House & Testing
:  Stephanie Kunst – School Psychologist, x3341
EXCEL: Kayla DeWees – Clinical Counselor, x 3364
Out of District Coordinator
: Dennis Trombley- School Psychologist, x3304


William James INTERFACE Referral Service:
The William James (formerly MSPP) INTERFACE Referral Service Helpline is available to parents and other community members in Lincoln-Sudbury to assist in finding appropriate mental health services for children and families. Callers receive professional, personalized counseling referrals matched for location, specialty and insurance or fee requirements. The Helpline is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm at 617-332-3666 x1411 or 1-888-244-6843 x1411. Funding for this valuable service is generously provided by the Lincoln and Sudbury Schools. For more information and access to resources related to various social service and mental health topics, visit the William James INTERFACE Referral Service website.

Resources for Social and Emotional Support