The Career Center is located in A302 at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Students can make appointments to come learn about the Career Exploration Internship Programs or stop by during lunch and ACA blocks. The Career Counselor is Laura Moynagh and she can be reached at

What is an internship?

An internship is an unpaid work experience in the community. An internship is a semester long course and the number of hours on site at the internship translates to the number of credits the student can earn at the end of the semester. Students maintain internships between 4 and 28 hours per week. The goal of an internship is to enable the student who is motivated to learn about the demands and expectations of a particular profession to have a meaningful experience in that field.

How do I secure an internship?

  • Make an appointment at the Career Center to help with your planning.
  • Network with family, friends, and neighbors.  As them about their jobs and if they sound interesting at all, consider whether you might want to learn more about those fields.
  • Make the effort to become familiar with the industry and especially with your targeted organization.  Most companies have a website, so be sure to read up on the mission and the latest events and services.  Make note as well of the names of key people who might be helpful to your efforts to secure an interview and market yourself.
  • Write a cover letter discussing the evolution of your interest in this field,  what you hope to study in college, and how this internship would help advance your career aspirations.  Be sure to tell them why you think you would be an asset to their company. They will be taking the time to orient and train you, so you need to make sure that you will be valuable to them as well.
  • You should also have a resume to accompany your cover letter.  Include any relevant experience or training you have had that relates to this field and describe any skills or accomplishments you have at this time.
  • After an interview be sure to write a thank you note.  Whether you send a handwritten note or an email, you should sincerely express your appreciation for the opportunity to meet and learn about the company.  Use this as yet another chance to sell yourself. Remind the employer of your enthusiasm, skills, and interests, along with any particularly interesting information you learned about the company.

Academic Requirements of the Career Internship Program

  • All interns are required to write a mid-semester essay along with a final essay, both of which are generally reflective in nature and meant to address the issue of how this experience affects one’s thinking about future career aspirations.
  • Full Time Second Semester Seniors are required to keep track of all hours and write a weekly summary of their activities in journal form
  • Credit for internships are granted based on the fulfillment of the required number of hours, essay and journal entries, and a positive evaluation from a supervisor


Plan ahead as early as possible!

At least 3-6 months before the beginning of semester 2:

  • Talk with your parents, teachers, Guidance Counselor
  • Make an appointment with the Career Center (
  • Begin actively researching possible internship sites in your field of interest
  • Contact potential internship sites via email, phone calls, cover letters and resumes as is relevant to that field
  • Set up interviews with prospective internship sites
  • Check with your guidance counselor as to feasibility of full time versus part time internship
  • Check with the colleges you hope to attend in order to make sure they will approve of your doing a full time internship second semester of your senior year
  • Confirm credit status and remaining LS graduation requirements*

*You will not be dropped from your scheduled classes until the beginning of second semester, in case your internship plans change.