Thinking about NCAA Division I or II Sports in College?

The NCAA Clearinghouse was organized as a means to insure that a student athlete is academically clear to compete in intercollegiate sports at the Division I or II level. If you are interested in playing sports at a Division I or II school, it is your responsibility to be sure the NCAA Clearinghouse has the documents it needs to certify you. These documents include:

  1.  Your completed and signed Student Release Form and Fee.
  2. Your official transcript mailed directly from every high school you have attended.
  3. Your SAT or ACT scores.

Q: Why do I need to register and be certified?
A: If you intend to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman, you must register with and be certified as eligible by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility.  Initial eligibility certification pertains only to whether you meet the NCAA requirements for participation in Division I or II athletics and has no bearing on your admission to a particular Division I or II institution.

Q: When should I register?
A: You should register with the Clearinghouse as soon as you decide you would like to participate in athletics as a college freshman.

Q: How do I register?
A: Complete the registration form on the NCAA website and complete the required information. Bring your Student Release Form to the Registrar’s office at L-S and the Registrar will send an official copy of your Transcript directly to the NCAA.

IMPORTANT:  Arrange to send your SAT scores by entering ‘9999’ on the SAT Registration form in Section 11. If you have already taken the tests, arrange to send your scores online under the code “9999”.

Q: What will the clearinghouse send to my colleges?
A: The clearinghouse will send your eligibility status to any Division I or II college that requests it, provided you have given permission on your student release form for the school to receive the information.

Thinking about Division III Sports in College?

If you are interested in athletic competition at the Division III level, registering with the NCAA clearinghouse is unnecessary. However, you may wish to be in contact with a coach or coaches at your schools of interest to indicate your interest in their school and athletic program.

The Counseling Department suggests that student-athletes do the following:

  • Inform their counselor that they are interested in competing in athletics at the college level. Counselors can outline the athletic recruiting process and what the role of the student athlete should be in that process.
  • Inform their high school coach that they are interested in playing that sport in college. Ask the coach if he or she is available to college coaches.
  • Prepare and mail a short letter of introduction and an athletic resume to college coaches.
  • Browse the web pages many college athletic departments have on the internet.
  • Become familiar with the NCAA rules regarding the recruitment of athletes.
  • Visit the NCAA website at to familiarize yourself with the pertinent information presented there.