Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School has a Career Center located in Room A302. It serves as a resource for students and parents who are researching post-secondary options, including colleges, technical schools, gap year programs, jobs, international and domestic study programs, and the military. Access to the internet is available for research and college applications, for career and job searches, and for general class related work that a student may want to work on in a smaller, quiet setting. College reference guidebooks, catalogues, and financial aid materials are available, as are audio visual materials from the colleges. There are materials related to SAT and ACT tests, tutoring resources, and scholarship information.

In the fall college visits take place in the Career Center.

The Career Center is the primary center for information about internships and jobs for students.

On the Job Board postings are updated regularly and include a wide variety of part-time jobs. Employers frequently contact the Career Center to ask that positions be posted, and people from the local community often call when they want to hire students for babysitting, landscaping, and miscellaneous other jobs.  These jobs are also listed on the school’s website.

There are a number of internship resources in the Career Center as well.    The internship program offers several options for students, and any student in any grade is eligible to do a part time internship during the school year through the Career Exploration program. For a detailed description of this program, see the “Internships” section.

Students are encouraged to check the internship resource directories in the Career Center. There is information about formalized internships that are located in the greater Boston area during the fall, spring, and summer months along with information about numerous organizations that might lead to opportunities that match the student’s interests.  Internships are coordinated by Laura Moynagh who is available to work individually with any student who is considering an internship experience and would like more personalized attention.

Information about the Work Study program is also available in the Career Center. The work study program is available to juniors and seniors and it is an option for students who are able to consistently maintain a job outside of school. The student is expected to work a minimum of fifteen hours per week throughout the entire semester in order to be eligible to receive credit.  Typically a student drops an elective course in order to free up time during the school day to devote to home work, since the job consumes a significant number of hours during the week.  If a student cannot commit to a full semester of work study because of sports or other commitments, it should not be selected as a course.

In the Career Center students may also sign up to be on the Babysitters List, which is sent to interested parents in the community throughout the school year.