Students taking prescription pills is plaguing all communities around the State, including Lincoln-Sudbury.  In an attempt to shed some light on this problem and the ways it can impact families, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation produced the movie “If Only”.  We are fortunate enough not only to  host a screening of this powerful film, but also to have Jim Wahlberg, the co-writing and co-producer join us to introduce his film.  After the screening a panel discussion featuring members of local law enforcement, former LS students currently in recovery as well as mental health workers will help us understand this present threat and what role we can play in keeping our community safe and healthy.  Come ask questions of the panel as we attempt to understand how this new and real danger is impacting our community and what we can all do together to positively impact this problem.  Please join us Tuesday November 7th 2017 in the LS Auditorium at 7:30.  We encourage parents and students to come out for the evening.