Change your network password

Go to system preferences, click on users and groups. Make sure that your name is selected  (It should be where Guest Account is in the picture below. Click change password.

SelectName copy

Change iPass password

Log into iPass and click on Change Password on the left menu. You should see a screen like this:

instructions copy

*Your network and iPass accounts are different. You are allowed to have different passwords for each.

Connect to the internet

We have a new wi-fi network so it should be faster and easier to connect to than in the past. Now there are three networks : LSRHS, LSstudent, and LSstaff. To connect to the LSRHS wi-fi, there is no password. To connect to LSstudent, you must have a student account. Sign in with the username and password that you use for the wiki. To access LSstaff, you must have a staff account and sign in with your username and password.

Connect to your LS Account (mac only)

To connect to your files on your school account from home, at school when not logged into you account, or from elsewhere with a mac computer. Click on the desktop background (make sure that it says Finder in the top left, next to the apple symbol), then click on “Go” then click “Connect to Server” (Or use the shortcut command+K). Enter the name of your server, which depends on your graduation year into the Server Address box. Then click “connect”.

Possible servers are:


Make sure that the “Registered User” radio button is selected and enter your network account username into the name box and enter your network password. When you are asked to “Select the volumes you want to mount on ‘…'” click on your network account. A Finder window should open with your computer files on it.