Songwriting currently runs every other year.  Songwriting will meet during block 3 semester 2 for the 2017-18 school year.

Welcome to Songwriting at L-S!

This elective meets during blocks 3 second semester, and meets the L-S Arts Requirement.  It meets 5 times out of the 2 week cycle, with 3 free blocks per cycle.

Songwriting is a class for those who play music, sing music, and/or are interested in music.  Prior musical experience is helpful but not necessarily.  For projects and skill-building, students move at their own pace.  We cover a basic introduction to playing the guitar and the piano as part of this class.  We listen to songs, talk about songs, and learn to write songs.  Projects can mostly be done in a group.  We incorporate a wide variety of popular music from a variety of styles and decades.