Today, we begin to explore music notation and the online program Noteflight, a free piece of software for notating (writing down) music.

Quick directions:

Go to and create an account using your school email address.  It is up to you to remember your password, etc. (your responsibility).

Read through the shortcuts:

Download the below pdf file: buntingm_leanonme.  Set up a new file so it matches the pdf of “Lean on me” as best you can.  Enter the notes and rhythms that are shown on the pdf into Noteflight.  Then we will add a piano part with chords and a bass line, add the lyrics to the vocal melody, etc.

  • Remember to “save” frequently (command-S, or the button with a cloud and an up arrow)
  • Plug in some ear buds or headphones: before you turn anything in, make sure you listen to it!  Trust your ears.

Step by step directions:


  • Begin to input the music in the pdf into Noteflight (in other words, make your Noteflight file look like the pdf file as best you can!)
  • Click on the play button (window–>playback controls) to listen and check your work (use headphones)
  • If/when you have questions, ask your classmates around you. If you still need help, ask Mr. Bunting!

If you have trouble, go back to for a minute, and review the topic.  For this, you will need to use: quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, half notes, and ties.  What’s a tie and how does it work? –> Dots and ties

  • Remember to “save” frequently (command-S, or the button with a cloud and an up arrow)
  • Copy the Voice part into the top staff (right hand) of the piano part.
  • Add harmony to the piano part!  Try harmonizing in 3rds
  • Add a bass line for the piano.  Perhaps the melody an octave down?  (select note, hold shift + press down arrow, same for next note, etc.)
  • Add the song’s lyrics to your Voice part (look up online if need be!)
At the end of class, save your “Lean on me” file, and put a copy in your portfolio folder in Drive.

RUBRIC (10 points)

10  All notes/rhythms entered correctly, with all lyrics for voice and a piano part

9  Notes/rhythms entered with only a few errors, with most lyrics for voice and a piano part

8  Notes/rhythms entered with a number of errors, with few lyrics for voice and some piano part

7  Notes/rhythms entered, mostly incorrectly, with no lyrics for voice and/or no piano part

6  Only some Notes/rhythms entered, with errors

1-5  Few notes/rhythms entered, minimal effort shown