Instructed by Andrew Rodwin

While the media abounds with stories about the boom and bust cycle of bitcoin, most people don’t understand the basic principles of how crypto-assets like bitcoin work. Night 1 will fully explain the technologies “under the hood,” as well as relevant tools and the crypto ecosystem. We will cover coin types, mining, forking, wallets, cryptography, blockchain basics and forensics, transactions, exchanges, airdrops, faucets, government regulation, security, taxation, coin valuation criteria, and much more. While the course avoids investment recommendations, it provides participants with the conceptual and detailed knowledge required to understand how crypto-assets might affect them personally, as well as influence society at large. Conceived as a way to decentralize bitcoin, blockchain has emerged as a powerful tool in its own right. Night 2 will include a more advanced look at blockchain, and the disruptive effects it is beginning to have on finance and society. We will also cover distinctions between public and private blockchains, enterprise blockchain platforms, macro data about blockchains, why banks have been forced into piloting blockchain en masse, why blockchain is such a powerful tool to solve economic challenges, where blockchain is in the hype cycle, and a sector-by-sector view of disruptive blockchain innovation, including non-profit applications. Andrew Rodwin spent four decades working in high tech, as a writer, software developer, and engineering team Director. A crypto-assets investor since 2015, Andrew has spent countless hours learning how cryptoassets work through detailed research and practice, and keeps abreast daily of the tidal wave of change in this intensely dynamic field. Andrew provides training, research, and consulting services for wealth managers, educational institutions, and individuals curious about how crypto-assets and blockchain technologies are transforming investing, finance, and society. He specializes in clearly and simply explaining complex concepts. You can learn more at

WED   10/16 & 10/23   7:00-9:00PM   Lecture Hall   $49