Instructed by Longfellow Club Nutritionists

Habits For Health & Happiness is a 12-week wellness program focused on making lasting lifestyle changes in nutrition, exercise and stress management for improved health. Participants experience significant weight loss, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure reductions, decreased cravings and struggles with food, improved energy and better moods. Program includes before and after nutrition consultations and fitness assessments including cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and % body fat measures. Included is membership to The Longfellow Club. Cost is covered by insurance in many cases.      Please contact Jane Polley MS, RDN at or  508-653-4633 for more information and to register.


Longfellow Natick   MON   9/16   4:15-6:15PM
Longfellow Natick   WED   9/18   9:30-11:30AM
Longfellow Wayland   THURS   9/19   5:30-7:30PM
Longfellow Natick   MON   1/13   4:15-6:15PM
Longfellow Natick   WED   1/15   9:30-11:30AM
Longfellow Wayland   THURS   1/16   5:30-7:30PM