Fall: Instructed by Bouke Noordzij, LS Faculty

Winter: Instructed by Kate Grant, LS Faculty

The goal of this 5-week course is to practice the types of questions that will be asked on the SAT, and reveal test-taking strategies designed to raise students’ scores. Students will take their current math skills and learn to apply them to solving SAT problems. In addition, students will learn about time management and the benefits of taking an educated guess. Lastly, students will learn about their own mathematical abilities and the best way to approach the exam based on their individual skills. As students become more familiar with the test, and master SAT test-taking strategies, their confidence and scores are sure to grow! Please bring the following book to the first class: The Official Study Guide to the SAT, ISBN-13: 978-1457309281 (can be purchased on Amazon or elsewhere). The same book is being used by our SAT Verbal course. Please bring the graphing calculator you plan to use on the day of the test. 5 student minimum.


1 – Fall   TUE   9/24-10/22   6:00-8:00PM   B450   $349
2 – Winter   TUE   1/28-3/3, no class 2/18   5:30-7:30PM   B450   $349