Instructed by Ellie Horwitz

Tai chi has been called a “perfect exercise!”  Based on Qi Gong, tai chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that involves controlled breathing and movement exercises for the cultivation of your energy.  It involves gently flowing strengthening and conditioning movements which increase flexibility, promote relaxation, and enhance health, strength, and balance. Come join us in this wonderful 8-week exercise for body, mind, and spirit. All levels of experience and ability are welcome! Ellie Horwitz has studied tai chi with Dr Peter Wayne, author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi and Dr Paul Lam, founder of the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Ellie is passionate about the benefits of practicing tai chi and sharing the principles with others.

TUES   9/24-11/12   6:00PM-7:00PM   C120   $115