Instructed by Harrison G. Ball

Go beyond the automatic settings on your digital camera, and develop your photographic vision by learning how aperture, shutter speed and ISO can be manipulated to yield creative images. In 4 weeks, participants will learn about RAW vs. JPEG images, white balance, depth of field, and exposure. Hands-on exercises on exposure metering and autofocus will give you a better understanding of your camera’s capabilities. As you learn to take control of your camera, we will discuss the basics of composition and how to express your vision. We will also explore how to display your images through print and digital medium. Flash and macro photography will be discussed with a hands-on introduction to off-camera flash. Course requirements include a digital SLR (not mirrorless) camera. Harrison G. Ball is a retired physician and avid photographer. A member of the Gateway Camera Club, Dr. Ball has exhibited his work and entered a number of photographic competitions.

WED   10/23-11/13   7:00-9:00PM   Conference Room A   $125