Instructed by Stephanie Stein Lapat

For High School Seniors Only. This course will cover some of the most important elements of students’ college applications: the personal statement and the activity page (expanded resume). While many students will be focusing on completing the Common Application, other students are welcome to focus on individual schools’ applications. The first night, students will work on the activity page and begin brainstorming ideas for the big essay, a personal statement that works for many college and scholarship applications. The second evening, we will begin to fine-tune that personal statement. This personal statement can be the most important part of a student’s application and we will work to make each student’s essay a perfect representation of what matters most to that applicant. The first two evenings students will meet in a group at LS (please bring a laptop!). The third evening students will meet individually with Stephanie at an agreeable time to finalize their activity page and personal statement.

MON   10/21 & 10/28, plus 1 private session   6:30-8:00PM   B335   $235