Instructed by Todd Richman & Scott Kessler

Many parents of 9th and 10th graders want to know what lies ahead in the college planning and admissions process. The goal of this session is not to add stress, but to help you understand the process, expectations and timing so your student can make smart decisions now that will keep options open for later. This session will address how colleges evaluate applicants, academic planning during high school, extracurricular and summer activities, considerations for student-athletes, when to take standardized tests and how to prepare, and why sophomore year is important to financial aid.  We’ll overview the college admissions roadmap and timeline so you know what’s ahead, and answer your questions. Todd Richman, founder of Achieve Admissions (, provides personalized guidance for college planning, search and admissions. Scott Kessler is co-founder of InspireDo LLC ( which leverages the latest brain training strategies to improve SAT/ACT scores. Pre-registration is required.


THURS   10/24   7:00-9:00PM     Lecture Hall   $20/family