Instructed by Barre3 staff

Barre3 is an 8-week, 60-minute workout that mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body. Inspired by ballet barre, yoga and Pilates, instructors guide you through a sequence of movements designed to tone and lengthen all major muscle groups, rev the heart rate, and strengthen the body. Barre3 is for everyone. Each individual is empowered to adapt postures and develop body awareness for lasting results. Please wear comfortable clothing. We will work barefoot or with sticky socks (purchased at studio). Classes are held at Barre3, 365 Boston Post Rd., Sudbury. Register through L-S Adult Ed to receive the discounted rate.

1 – Fall   MON   9/16-11/18, no class 10/14, 11/11   5:45-6:45PM   $110
2 – Fall   TUE   9/17-11/5   6:30-7:30PM   $110
3 – Fall   WED   9/18-11/6   10:15-11:15AM   $110
5 – Winter   TUE   1/7-2/25   6:30-7:30PM   $110
6 – Winter   WED   1/8-2/26   5:45-6:45PM   $110
7 – Winter   THU   1/9 -2/27   10:15-11:15AM   $110