Information included on this form will be sent directly to the LS Administrative team. It is to be used to report any serious safety concerns you have – anything you have seen, heard, or strongly suspect could constitute a threat to the school, or any individuals within the school community. Unless you choose to include your name, it will not be included in the message that is sent. Please remember:

  1. This is not a “Hot Line”. It is a “Report Line”. If you need help dealing with an urgent crisis, you could call ‘911’, or speak with an adult immediately.
  2. This form must only be used for serious reports. It must never be used for jokes or pranks.
  3. While you may choose not to include your name, it is often more difficult to follow through on anonymous reports. Think about this carefully.

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the exact nature of your concern. What you’ve heard, where you heard it, what you’ve seen, what you think we need to know. Before you submit this form, please read it over to make sure it includes as much information as possible to help us follow up.

Online Safety Reporting Form