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Gravesite of
James Chaney

Meridian, MS


James Chaney's Gravestone
Rufaro Nyangoni sings "We Shall Overcome"
"No words could describe how I felt as I stood in front of the grave of such a great man and courageous martyr. It was too profound."

"Riding the bus up a hill in the middle of the woods and seeing this beautiful tombstone on the side of the road is a sight I will never forget...Thee are sick people in the world. What kind of monsters would repeatedly over the years ruin a gravesite."

"It was the first time during the trip that I felt the need to kneel down and say a prayer."

"I stared down at the inscription for a long time: 'There are those who are alive, yet will never live. There are those who are dead, yet will live forever...' It moved me in a way I can't even put into words. The whole scene was so emotional, it was too profound."

"Obie Clark did not speak much, but left us to ponder the electric silence in a stupor... I stood once again, completely dumbfounded, trying to feel James Chaney's restless spirit and to understand what it could possibly have been like for him to die in the way he did for the reasons he did. I stood stock still by the grave, reading the inscription over and over... which, I admit, brought tears to my eyes."

"While visiting the grave, we all held hands and sang 'We shall overcome.' I was overwhelmed by both sadness and strength at this point..."

"I was appalled that acts as disgusting as these [the vandalism of the grave] are still common today, when we assume we can rest because the major battles of civil rights have been won."


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