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The Faculty Plaque, engraved with the name of the recipient, is placed in a permanent position in the school. The highest award that the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School can bestow on a student is the Faculty Plaque. Awarded to a member of the of the graduating class who best exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, character, and service that are representative of the standards of the Regional High School.

1958	Sheila Moynihan 
1959	Douglas Donaldson 
1960	Pamella Blake 
1961	Francis Bellivia 
1962	Woodward Cannon 
1963	Nancy K. Davis 
1964	Peter L.Hathaway 
1965   Philip Noel Moss 
1966	David P. Palmer 
1967	John C. Becker 
1968	James F. Bair 
1969   Stanton L. Gerson 
1970	John Phillippe Kelty 
1971	Andrew Kramer 
1972	James Lincoln Duffy 
1973	Jilliian Costa 
1974	Mathhew Caras 
1975	Jonathan Leape 
1976	William B. Gail 
1977	James Ross 
1978	Walter Jacob 
1979 	Lorraine Dudley 
1980	Diana Golden 
1981	Ellen Velie 
1982	Jonathan Keevil 
1983	Edward Lockery 
1984	Julie Wu 
1985	Stephen Espinola 
1986	Lynn Garth 
1987	Robin Espinola 
1988	Henry Spindler 
1989	Jennifer Gonnerman 
1990	Tomothy Dolan 
1991	Kathleen Dolan 
1992   Rahsaan Burroughs 
1993   Veronique Latimer 
1994   Brodie Welch 
1995	Johanna Nikula 
1996	Jessica Berry 
1997	Ari Holtzblatt 
1998   Monique Worrell 
2000	David Pedulla 
2001   Anna Marie Serafim
2002	Christine Agapakis
2003	Catherine Morris
2004   Thomas Dichter
2005   Gerald McElroy
2006   Adam Bazari
2007   Cadence Hardenbergh
2008   Faraz Butte


By naming the Heys Scholar, the faculty ackowledges its respect and affection for its former leader and mentor. The award recognizes those qualities which Frank Heys exemplified genuine intellectual curiosity and accomplishment, dedication to the fine and applied arts, and a caring belief in people. His integrity and quest for excellence inspired us. These are the qualities we celebrate and reward.

1982	Charles Friel 
1983	Lee Garth 
1984	Harold Small 
1985	Laura Heijn 
1986	Charles Hadlock 
1987	Priscilla Woolery 
1988	Cecily Morgan 
1989	Andrew Willis 
1990	Lynne Berry 
1991 	David Art 
1992 	Douglas Wood and Keith Wood 
1993	Jonathan Dakss 
1994	Elizabeth Carlton 
1995	Dasa Pejchar 
1996	Rony Kubat 
1997	Miranda Ip & Olga Shurchkov 
1998	Emily Halpern 
1999 	Andrew Paciorek 
2000	Laurie Ball 
2001   Sophie Wells
2002	Maureen Masterson
2003	Adam Donovan
2004   Alexander Sheff
2005   Ian Sanders-Fleming
2006   Nick Andrews
2007   Maya Kahn-Woods
2008   Grace Gunderson


Presented by the L-S Martin Luther King Action Project

1988 Kip Tiernan, Rosie's Place founder
1989 Barbara Arnwine, civil rights lawyer
1990 Lew Finfer, Low-Income housing advocate
1991 Themba Vilakazi, Fund for a Free South Africa
1992 Steven Swanger,Sudbury affordable housing advocate
1993 Carol DiMaiti Stuart Foundation
1994 Henry Hampton & Jacqueline Shearer, "Eyes on the Prize" documentary, Blackside Films
1995 Charles Poncho Brown , Upham's Corner Health Ctr. Anti-drug street worker
1996 Todd Fry, School service advocate
1997 Jean McGuire, Director of METCO-
1998 Aaron Feuerstein, Malden Mills, CEO
1999 Michael Brown, Alan Khazei, City Year founders
2000 Florence Greenaway, Health Care for All
2001 Rev. Eugene F. Rivers, Ella J. Baker House
2002 Rina Amiri, Afghan activist for women's & Waging Peace
2003 Chuck Turner, City Councilor, Roxbury
2004 Congressman Barney Frank 
2005 Dr. Paul Farmer, Partners Healthcare, Haiti & other Third World countries 
2006 Dr. James O'Connell, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless
2007 Dr. Thea James, Emergency medicine, anti-hate crime advocate, Int'l humanitarian 	assistance
2008 No award/ Alumni speakers
Phil Cryan, LS '97
Mark Pedulla, LS '97
Laurie Ball, LS '00
Beth Carlton, LS '94
Dave Pedulla, LS '00


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