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Tom Puchalsky's Observations on L-S History
(from his introduction of Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot)

I) Faculty and Staff Reflections

"What is Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School?"

II) Seniors' Reflections

Each year, The Forum asks seniors to reflect on "The L-S Experience."
These are the responses from the years 1994-1996.

III) History

Superintendent's Report, Including Budget, 1956

Town Report, Including Budget, 1968

LSRHS Budgets, FY '94-FY '97

Speeches From the 25th Anniversary Celebration Booklet

Howard Emmons, Stanton Gerson, and Frank Heys

School profiles: 1966, 1977, 1989, 1997

"School & Community Profile," From The Ten-Year Evaluation, 1998

A Brief Overview of School History
/ Jim Newton

"This is a true story..."
/ Bill Schechter

Update to the
Echoes History of L-S: 1994-97 / Bill Schechter

40th Anniversary Poem
/ Bill Schechter

IV) Philosophy

Ten-year Evaluation School Philosophy/Purpose Statements:
1968, 1978, 1988, 1998

"The School's Purpose," Visiting Committee Report, 1972

L-S Core Values, 1990, and L-S Disciplinary Code, 1996

T.A. Statement on the Occasion of the Superintendent Search, 1996

Excerpts from the 1995 Alumni Survey (based on the classes of 1990 & 1994)

V) Photographs

A Scrapbook of Then & Now

VI) Back Cover

VII) School Motto