L-S COVID Cases and Mitigation Updates

L-S COVID Cases and Mitigation Updates
Posted on 09/12/2021
Dear LS Students, Families and Staff,

Over the last week and including this weekend we have had reports of four positive COVID cases that include three students and one staff member. Contact tracing remains in process for the cases confirmed for this weekend. I urge you to return any calls you receive from the school or town nurses as soon as possible.

As you know wearing masks in school of any individual when on the school bus and in school is required at this time regardless of vaccination status. I strongly urge you to wear masks when sharing rides to school with those other than in your own household. In the week prior to school start we had reports of four other student positive cases that prevented these students and other identified close contacts from attending school at the start.

Across the nation and as a community, we have all worked very hard to be able to return to school fully in person this September. Our situation is greatly improved since last fall. We are thrilled to be back in school all together! So it is especially painful at this time to learn when any one of our students must miss being in school and participating in school activities due to COVID. We have all missed too much time in school all together. We need to stay vigilant in our safety protocols to mitigate transmission of the virus not just for ourselves but, for all of us.

These reminders could have made the difference for the students who are now required to miss school this week due to COVID. These reminders are for all of us to follow.

I urge everyone to vaccinate as soon as possible. See www.mass.gov for how and where to be vaccinated.
You must be careful to wear your mask when required, and properly, fully covering your mouth and nose.
It is not enough for some in a group to be wearing a mask for the mitigation to be effective. Everyone in a shared space must be wearing a mask regardless of vaccination status.
Distance your self when you need to be unmasked to eat or take a mask break.
Whether you are vaccinated or not, do not come to school with symptoms unless you KNOW they are not related to COVID.
Weekly pool testing will commence on September 21 at Lincoln Sudbury and will continue for every TUESDAY after for any student or staff member who wishes to participate. Participation by those who are not vaccinated is highly recommended. The only requirement for participation is submission of an informed consent form. This testing is being funded through federal grants distributed to the state for this purpose so there is no fee to families or staff required to participate.

I will send the informed consent links in a follow up email tomorrow morning.

Here are the LS COVID mitigation protocols shared with you previously on August 27th. Please note the list of potential symptoms for self-monitoring. This list has been updated by the MA Department of Publi Health since last year.


Also attached are the DESE COVID Response Protocols which detail contact tracing requirements and the DESE Mask Requirement for all schools.

I will continue to provide you with weekly COVID case updates, or more frequent ones, as appropriate.

Please continue to update your student health sheets as requested to include current vaccination status.

Best regards,

Bella Wong