21-22 Student Travel Options

21-22 Student Travel Options
Posted on 08/12/2021
Dear LS Students and Families,

Due to the pandemic we have not been able to provide our students with travel options since Fall 2019. While we are monitoring updates regarding the pandemic to make necessary adjustments we are excited to have plans for student travel for the coming year. See below for a link for current options. Assuming environmental conditons allow them to happen, all trips are confirmed to be running at this time except for a potential Earthwatch Tour for next summer which is still in development.

The arrival of our German Exchange students has been rescheduled from early October to late March/early April. Our first international travel opportunity is currently scheduled for February School Vacation. The enrollment deadline for these two trips (Eastern Europe and Costa Rica) is October 1, 2021. The Habitat for Humanity trip to Baltimore has been moved from February to April School Vacation.


Bella Wong