Superintendent/Principal Announcement

Superintendent/Principal Announcement
Posted on 10/12/2022
Dear LS Students,

I announced at last evening’s LS School Committee meeting that I will not be seeking a renewal of my contract, so my term will finish at the end of this school year. This means the LS School Committee will embark on a process to find a new school leader who will start with you in the next school year. LS is a very good place to be so this should be an exciting effort to see who might want to come.

Twenty years ago I was very lucky to come to LS as a new science teacher. As a brand new teacher the faculty I so admired and wanted to emulate inspired me. For me, there was a lot of Biology, a lot of Chemistry, a little Anatomy and a tiny bit of Earth Science. It was here where the value of caring and cooperative relationships was imprinted upon my educator's soul. You may be surprised to hear that some of my former science students are teachers at LS today!

Ten years ago I was lucky to have a second opportunity to return to LS as your Superintendent/ Principal. By then I knew clearly that my life’s aspiration was to prepare students like you in the best way possible for a future we don’t know. I often wonder what impressions world events have had on your minds, hearts and souls. Truth be told, the news of the last decade hasn’t always been so terrific. By the time you leave LS I hope we will have prepared you to appreciate and understand your place in the world, what you can and will do to make the world the way you want it to be, empowered by all you are able to do with what you have learned. This is a vision I hold for every one of you that I sincerely believe is attainable by every one of you.

It is and always has been a special privilege to be a part of preparing you for your future selves. Every day brings a fresh challenge and things to learn. I look forward to what this final year will hold for us.

Most sincerely,

Ms. Wong