Recommended 23 Budget

Recommended FY23 Budget
Posted on 03/11/2022

Dear LS Students, Families and Staff,

The LS School Budget proposed for the fiscal year July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 was approved by the LS School Committee on February 8, 2022.  This vote took place after a public hearing that took place on January 25.  As of this date, the town finance committees of Lincoln and Sudbury have completed their review. A copy of the most updated presentation is attached for your information.  Please note that the presentation includes estimated revenue projections as currently known from the state.  The state will finalize these projections closer to July 1. 

The proposed budget request for funding falls within the financial guidance provided by both towns.  Additionally, due to savings largely due to utilities and tuition expenses we will be able to support the following improvements to the education program:

  1. expand the study of mandarin language from three to four years
  2. add a reading specialist to provide consultative and direct service
  3. increase computer science department offerings to support adherence to the state’s digital learning standards
  4. increase teaching staff to LS Academy to support math and science instruction
  5. add a new special education program for students with autism spectrum disorder to better support students within district. 

On behalf of the school district we are very grateful for the continued support our communities to provide a strong educational program for the benefit of all of our students.  I express my appreciation to LS Director of Finance and Operations Kirsteen Patterson for all of her work on budget preparation, to the contributions of the LS Budget Preparers, to the members of the LS Budget Sub-Committee and LS School Committee for their input and advocacy, the members of the town finance committees for their review and financial insight, to the Lincoln Town administrator, Sudbury Town Manager and their staff for all of their additional guidance and help.  

Final approval of the FY23 Budget requires a favorable vote at the Lincoln Town Meeting (March 26) and Sudbury Town Meeting (May 2-4). 

With gratitude,

Bella Wong