Plan to return fully in person April 26

Plan to return fully in person April 26
Posted on 03/26/2021
Dear LS Students and Families,

I am pleased to share that at the LS School Committee meeting of March 23, 2021, the L-S School Administration presented a plan for all L-S students who can, to return to school fully in–person on April 26, 2021. This return date assumes that current environmental factors affecting school safety during the pandemic continue to trend positively overall and essential safety protocols remain in effect. Students who are not able to be in school in person will remain supported as remote learners. The slides for that presentation are attached. The recorded presentation is also available on the Sudbury TV website at this link:

We are excited to planning for this next phase in our learning model for this school year. Please review the slides and watch the recording at your earliest convenience. Thursday, April 1, will be a Teacher Workshop Day (and NO SCHOOL DAY for students) to allow additional time to plan for the transition to the new schedule. Details about additional informational sessions for parents/guardians are forthcoming.

I am deeply appreciative for the efforts of our administration, established planning committees, teachers and staff that are reflected in the planning to date and for the ongoing support of the L-S School Committee, our families, and extended community members. Please note that weekly adjustments are already being made as state health guidance allows us to do more things in person and all together. We have recently resumed singing indoors and have approved a broader range of in person co-curricular opportunities to take place this spring. I understand that we have families who are equally concerned and excited about a return to being fully in person. Please be assured that we continue to work on important logistical details to ensure safe access to learning at L-S. I will provide you with updates as we approach our return date.


Bella Wong