Off to December break!

Off to December break!
Posted on 12/23/2022

Dear LS Students, Families and Staff,

It looks like nature is doing its part to shepherd us to next week’s winter break with great gusts and bravado!  I don’t know if being born during a winter blizzard in Boston has anything to do with it but I have always been a fan of big weather.  I love the quick changes New England weather offers.  That being said – we are in for a deep freeze tomorrow – so take good care if you are traveling anywhere tomorrow.  Allow yourself time take it slow!

Before we end this school day I want to send an appreciation to our students who continue to make us proud and to all of our staff who have made it their vocation to support equitable access to a multitude of opportunities to learn by doing. 

Thank you for the musically inviting Cabaret evening last Friday and the choral music over the Wednesday lunch break.  Thank you for the support you offered to the annual Warriors 4 Warriors celebration in memory of the life and service of LS Alum Scott Milley’05 last Saturday was caring and moving.  Thank you for the presence of our student Mentors for Violence Prevention as impressively empathetic speakers and leaders for this week’s senior Escalation Assembly and Workshops.  Thank you to all of our students who have organized a myriad of fundraising events to call our attention to the needs of others.

The choices you make and the actions you take epitomize our school motto: Think for yourself, but think of others.

Good luck to our students who will be representing LS at upcoming athletic events this weekend and next.  Here is a link to the current schedule: LS Athletic game schedule

Enjoy your week off from classes next week!


Bella Wong