May 16 Announcement

May 16 Announcement
Posted on 05/16/2022
Dear LS Parents/Guardians,

I addressed students briefly this morning over the PA system about the shooting that took place in Buffalo this past weekend. The text of what I said is copied below. Students will also be receiving this message so they will have a copy and know that you have received it as well.

"This past Saturday an 18 year old shot 13 people and killed 10 of them at a site he specifically targeted to be a place more likely to have Black Americans present. 11 of the people he shot who he did not know were Black. He used guns he was able to purchase personally. He had become reclusive and he found justification for what he did through the internet. Why and what he did was and is horrific, and he is 18.

Who is responsible? Are we who comprise society as a whole as responsible as he is?

What any of us becomes does not happen in a vacuum. We are all exposed to many things. And we learn to choose.

What he did was something he learned to be and how to act on what he had learned. I don’t know what will become of him but it is a terrible tragedy because of all of the things one can learn to be and do. The racist and violent path he chose was a horrible one. One that was wrong. May he one day be guided to see the error of his choice and choose to be different even if it will be too late for those who he found this past Saturday.

May we all endeavor to be more inclusive and make better choices all together.

Let us share a moment of silence for those who lost their lives and send wishes of hope and strength to those who are bearing the impact of what happened. "

Best regards,

Bella Wong