LS Commencement (June 2018)

LS Commencement 2018
Posted on 06/05/2018

We had a really lovely graduation day on the field yesterday! That never would have happened without many many helpful hands along the way!

The Buildings and Grounds crew: for setting up the stage and band tent, for making the property look perfectly manicured and ready for our guests’ arrival, for setting up thousands of chairs in perfect rows, for providing and maintaining the water stations throughout the ceremony, for being the ultimate hosts attending to all needs with patience and good spirits, for cleaning up afterward so that you would never know nearly 3000 people had been present, for assisting Jamaica Jammin’ during setup, event, and take down – so again, you would never know there had been an all night party for hundreds of students at LS when you arrived early on Monday morning!

Sandy Crawford and the class advisors: Nancy Childress, Rachel Cooke, Tom Danko and Marci Stoda: The Graduates were perfectly primed for everything from the music and speakers, to the procession, the seating arrangements, and the awarding of diplomas. Thank you from senior dress up day all the way through to the penultimate weeks culminating with the biggest day of the year!

Peter Elenbaas and Jason Medeiros who assisted Sandy in shepherding students into their proper places. Leslie Patterson for assisting with the Class of 2020 reception.

Donna Cakert for managing the diplomas, caps and gowns, obligations – all the “details” that are of prime importance and doing it in a way that seems effortless.

Tom Grandprey and the concert band for providing the processional music that accompanies the Seniors on the long path from high bus loop to their seats with the intertwining passages of faculty/students.

Charles Despotopulos for the technical expertise to ensure the all important high quality audio sound!!

Joan Gaumnitz and Gail Nozik who helped us provided First -Aid support.

Our very many parent and student volunteers who passed out programs, stocked the graduate reception an drove golf carts back and forth to the field. And the parent team who planned for, sold tickets, set up, stayed the night and cleaned up for Jamaica Jammin’!

Thank you to our able Sudbury Police Officers who helped drivers navigate campus traffic and provided security for our event.

Members of the School Committee, Faculty and Administrators – who took time from a very fine June Sunday to witness and applaud the senior class. Your presence is so greatly appreciated by our students/parents/guests. Thank you!

Thank you Francy Zingale and other very busy people for helping me with the pronunciation of names!!!

Sudbury TV for recoding the ceremony for public streaming and posterity!

Finally, and not least, thank you thank you BJ Pegram for arranging the very fine weather day!

Here is a link to my graduation day remarks (without the turkey story).

Thank you to one and all!

Bella Wong