January 3 Update

Reminders and Update for January 3, 2022
Posted on 01/02/2022

Reminders and Update for January 3, 2022

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff, 

Here are reminders and updates for our first day back from December break!

We will start Monday with a two hour delay with the first period to start at 10:30.  The block schedule will be adjusted as follows so that all classes for Monday will STILL meet.  Bus pick up times are all adjusted to be two hours later.  

(also at this link)

10:30-11:04 block 1

11:08-11:41 block 3

11:45 - 1:08 block 2 and (25 min lunch) lunch

1:12 - 1:50 block 4

1:54 - 2:32 block 6

2:36 - 3:14 block 7

All staff will start school at the regularly scheduled time.  

Attached is a pdf of DESE/DPH quarantine/isolation guidance.  Students should not return to school if they have COVID-19 symptoms.  Students who test positive for COVID are to isolate at home and are able to return to school symptom-free or if your symptoms are resolving after 5 days but must continue to wear a mask for an additional five days.  These students will also have a designated space for eating and mask breaks separate from the common areas of the school during this period.

Please note that per the new DESE/DPH guidance fully vaccinated for the purpose of attending school does not require an individual to be boostered. There has been some confusion about this since the updated general cdc guidance has changed this definiton to include booster shots.  The cdc guidance specifically for schools has not changed this defintion.  

Here is a Link to COVID dashboard for LS.  There have been 32 new cases reported since 12/23 through 10:45 am today.  More than half have been received over the past three days.  You are strongly encouraged to contact the BOH and school nurses to report positive cases as soon as possible.  We expect more cases to be reported as the Board of Health updates their records with us this weekend.  The dashboad is updated regularly.  

A reminder that we are offering a vaccination clinic on Tuesday January 4, 8 am to 1 pm in the LS Auditorium.  Vaccination and booster shots when eligible are highly recommended  by federal, state and local; health organizations and advisors is critical to mitigating the impact and spread of COVID.  www.mass.gov


Weekly PCR pool testing will resume Wednesday, January 5, 7:45 am to 10 am in the A 200 level.  

For student pool testing:


For adult and staff pool testing: 


A mask wearing requirement for indoor public spaces including the schools remains in place in the Town of Sudbury.  A MIAA mask requirement for indoor athletics remains in place.  A limitation of spectators for student events (athletics and all other performances) to family members remains in effect.  Any updates particular to a team or group of performers is sent to those participants and families directly.  

See you tomorrow!


Bella Wong

DESEDPH Protocols for Responding to COVID-19 Scenarios - SY 2021-22_ 12 30 with highlights.pdf