COVID update 1/3/22

COVID update 1/3/22
Posted on 01/04/2022

Dear LS Students, Families, and Staff,

For the seven days between 12/23 and 12/29 we received confirmation of 21 COVID cases.  This is comparable to the 22 cases reported for the four-week period between Thanksgiving and 12/23.  For the period of 12/29 through today (1/3) which is less than one week, 76 cases have been reported to us.  These last 76 cases include ten staff/teachers/administrators.  55 students are missing one to five days of school this week due to minimum isolation/quarantine requirements.  It is not possible to deny, these high numbers of COVID infection has put significant strain on our staffing infrastructure and student attendance.  The absences related to COVID infections were over and in addition to what typically happens on any given school day. 

Link to COVID dashboard

Thank you for understanding and supporting our need for a delayed start to adjust to alternate staffing plans and new protocols. I hope that today’s high number of reported COVID cases was partly the result of a lag in reporting over the break.   We had a smooth return to school today!  We look forward to another good day in school tomorrow!  At the same time I want to emphasize, perhaps more than at any other point of this pandemic, how critical it is that we work all together to mitigate the spread of infection as much as we can.  We must do our best to stabilize the rate of infection we are experiencing. 

Everyone must take care to wear masks in school except for mask beaks and when eating.  The mask must fit snugly over the bridge of your nose and around your mouth.  Surgical, kn95 or other well fitting multi-layered masks are required at this time.  There have been five instances of suspected in school transmission.  Mask wearing and vaccination are the best defense against infection and/or severe illness.

If you are symptomatic please self assess, stay home and test if appropriate. 

I received several inquiries for students under the age of 16 who are now newly eligible to receive COVID booster shots to participate in tomorrow’s vaccination clinic.  This clinic is running 8 to 1 pm in the auditorium.  Unfortunately, the state vendor could not manage to make the switch in time to include the under 16 year olds.  I will send out a survey to affirm interest for another clinic. 

Weekly PCR pool testing will resume this Wednesday in the AB connector from 7:45 to 10 am.  Results typically arrive within 24 hours. 

For student pool testing:

For adult and staff pool testing:

Yes, the pandemic has been tough.  We are tough, too. 

See you tomorrow,

Bella Wong