Project Objectives:

  1. Create a profile of a Progressive Era reformer (In-text citations should be included in this profile)
    • Biography
    • Reformer’s “cause” or area of interest
    • Summary of reformer’s proposed solution
    • Achievements–successes and/or failures
  2. Find and analyze a primary source that was written by your reformer
  3. Create a bibliography/Works Cited Page which cites the sources you used
  • Library Resources
  • Citation Info
Useful Databases for this Project:

          Biography in Context (GALE)

          U.S. History in Context (GALE)

Library Database Passwords (Use your Google login)

book cart

Use resources in this order (start with encyclopedias, end with primary sources):

          Specialized encyclopedias (an encyclopedia that focuses on a time period or particular area)

          Biographies and similar nonfiction books

          Primary Sources

Citation Help

L-S Librarians would be glad to help you with citations. If you are stuck, please ask.

Another great resource is our library’s citation webpage. Here are some specific handouts which might be helpful:

Citation Cards

Citation cards are available at the circulation desk and in the library classroom (on the shelves). Here’s an example of one:

Citation Card for a Book

Works Cited Page

Here is an example of formatting for a Works Cited Page:

Works Cited Page Formatting