You will be working on the Medieval research project as you read both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and five tales from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Today you will begin preliminary research on your topic. Work hard today as it is important that you are able to identify your topic when it comes up in the two texts.


As you read both the epic poem and the tales, you will be collecting quotations that are relevant to your topic. For some of you, you will only find your topic in one of the two books; for others, you’ll find tons of quotations from both books (ahem – knighthood). Because of that, I’ll ask that you find four quotations in total from both/either of the books, but some of you may use a few more or one less in your research essay. You will be collaboratively collecting quotations with your small groups, but ultimately you will be writing your own individual essays. I’ll give you more details on your essay as the date gets closer.


ACTIVITY 1: Use the SCRAP Test to find a reliable website
Submit your SCRAP Test evaluation of that site

  1. Do some web research on your topic.
  2. Assess websites that seem reliable using the SCRAP Test.
  3. Once you have found a reliable website, evaluate it using this Google form.

Here’s an example:

Medieval SCRAP Test Example

ACTIVITY 2: Post some information about your topic on Padlet

  1. Make sure you’ve done assignment 1 first.
  2. Consulting the reliable website that you found, post about 3 sentences about your topic on this Padlet. Type: your name and topic, topic info (in your own words), and web address of the site you used.


Mead Hall Padlet Example

ACTIVITY 3: Read others’ Padlet posts

    1. Make sure you’ve done assignments 1 and 2 already.
    2. Read at least 3 other Padlet posts.

ACTIVITY: Find info and cite sources


You must use at least one book. Encyclopedias and nonfiction books are provided on a cart (in the classroom or next to other carts in library).

If you need help finding your topic in the books, ask Ms. Myers or Ms. King.


Important note about accessing CREDO

If you have a Boston Public Library card or BPL eCard, then use it to access Credo Reference (at the link above).

Otherwise, click here to sign up for a BPL eCard. Remember your PIN and check your email for the eCard number. Once you’re set with your BPL eCard, then click the Credo Reference link above and enter the information when prompted.

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