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Primary Sources

Primary Sources database links

  • Time Magazine Articles (for the 20th Century project only.) The old archive search (by date) no longer works. Try your search, then sort by date and look for oldest — often articles without a clear date.
  • If you find something in the online archives, then write down the citation and bring it to the library staff. We will bring you the paper copy of the magazine.

Using databases and eBooks from home:

  • Click here for Remote Access Instructions
  • Type in your LSRHS username & password. A PDF file with database login info will download.


  • Various books related to these topics are located on the book cart
  • Please return books to the correct place on the cart (same area you got them from)

Works Cited

    • Cite It!
    • Easy Bib
    • Paper citation cards are also available at the circulation desk and in the classroom.
    • Citing Primary Sources (LS Library)
      • If using Easybib, choose “All 59 options” tab at top, then choose “Reprinted Work” to cite primary sources reprinted in book or on web

Image Citation in MLA format:

  • Basic Template:
  • Image Creator’s Last name, First name. Title or Description. Year Produced. Type of image (photograph, painting, map, cartoon, etc.). Website name. Day month year you accessed the image. <URL>.