Source Requirements:

2 specialized encyclopedias

At least 1 nonfiction book

1 primary source

Any relevant, credible library database or website sources

Any relevant photos and graphics from the 1960s

Citation Requirements:

Keep track of your sources. You must include a bibliography slide listing your cited sources. For images, provide a separate slide listing the URLs only.


1) 15-minute PowerPoint to Class

Must answer Central Question.

Include primary source and analysis of its relevance (Election group may use video instead).

Nominate an honorary graduation speaker and give detailed explanation of choice.

Provide complete bibliography.

2) Printed Materials

Primary source must be printed

Provide a notetaking form to the class (no more than 4 pages). DO NOT use library printers to make 25 copies of your handout. Thanks!

  • Resource & Image Links
  • Citation
Be sure to cite your informational sources in MLA Style as you find them. For images, make a separate slide and paste the URL only. Many databases provide citations for articles (at the bottom of the page, or through a link).

EasyBib (select “Digital Image” to site your online images)

Noodletools: Sign in or sign up using your L-S Google Apps for Education Account. If you need help, ask Ms. King or Ms. Myers.

How to Cite a Primary Source that is Reprinted in Another Source