Reading and Source Requirements:

Read the Booms and Busts entry for your bubble

Use the articles posted on the class website

Find 2 reliable, credible websites (these must pass the SCRAP Test)

Citation Requirements:

Provide an MLA 8 bibliography slide listing all of your sources. For images, you may provide URLs only.


1) Oral Presentation

Describe the main events behind your bubble

Address the 5 (or 6) asset bubble features (displacement, boom euphoria, profit-taking, panic, possibly bailout)

2) PowerPoint Presentation

Include a visual component (graphics, pictures) and cover the bubble elements

2 slides analyzing the 2 websites you used

Bibliography slide

Slide showing what each person in your group did

3) Informational Handout

Your handout must be linked within your presentation and paper copies given to the class

Clearly analyze and explain major features of bubble

DO NOT use library printers to make 25 copies of your handout. Thanks!

  • Resource & Image Links
  • Web Resources
  • Citation

For required websites, consult Mr. Raffel’s Website.

You must also find two websites on your own. To evaluate websites for inclusion in the project, use questions from the SCRAP Test.


Cite your informational sources in MLA 8 Style as you find them. For images, paste the URL only.

Examples of website citation:

Last Name, First Name. “Page Title.” Website Title, Publisher, Day Mon. Year of Publication, URL.

McCoy, Kevin. “2008 financial crisis: Could it happen again?” USA Today, USA Today, 8 Sept. 2013,

Citation Generators:

EasyBib (select “Digital Image” to site your online images)

Noodletools: Sign in or sign up using your L-S Google Apps for Education Account. If you need help, ask Ms. King or Ms. Myers.

How to Cite a Primary Source that is Reprinted in Another Source