Databases for Cultural Topics
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Databases for History and Government-Related Topics (also Ethnic Groups)




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          Britannica Image Quest
          Afghanistan: Images from the Harrison Forman Collection
          Getty Images: Afghanistan


          Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (Includes politics, ethnic groups and languages, culture, women and education.)
          Afghan Embassy in U.S. (Many topics; use menu at top–particularly “Life and Culture” and “About Afghanistan”)

          Timeline of Afghan History and Culture
          PBS Historical Timeline of Afghanistan
          BBC Afghanistan Country Profile
          BBC Who are the Taliban?

          UNESCO: Bamiyn Valley
          Blue Mosque
          Architecture in Herat
          UNESCO: Herat Architecture
          Islamic Arts & Architecture
 (Search “Afghanistan” then click an image. Click “Image” to see more images. Use the “Research” link to go back to the list.)
          BBC story about destruction of Buddhas of Bamiyan

Art and Media
          Afghans Restore Museum Relics Destroyed by Taliban (
          Met Museum Afghanistan Artifacts
          Timeline of Afghanistan’s History and Culture (Use the menu on the left to navigate; note “Impact of War on Cultural artifacts.”)
          UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Afghanistan
          Contemporary Afghan Art at Documenta 13 Exhibition
          BBC Afghanistan Profile: Media
          Cinema’s Rebirth in Afghanistan
          Oscar-Nominated Film Breathes New Life into Afghan Cinema

          Afghan Refugee Crisis from US Institute of Peace

Tribal Wars
          Afghanistan’s Ethnic Divides
          NYT Article on Ethnic Tensions

          Women’s Rights in Afghan History         
          2016 Afghan Embassy report on Women, Education          
          UN Women in Afghanistan
          Life as an Afghan Woman
          CNN: Women’s rights –changing attitudes? (Check out slide show at top for images of women past and present.)
          National Geographic: Inside the Lives of Girls Dressed as Boys in Afghanistan
          Female Police in Afghanistan
          New York Times: Shelters Have Saved Countless Afghan Women. So Why Are They Afraid?
          CNN: This all-female TV station is bringing women’s issues to Afghanistan’s attention

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