Evolution of Badminton Equipment
Famous Players
Boston Badminton–How can I keep playing badminton?
Badminton and Fitness
Badminton Careers
Badminton Courts in the US and around the world
Badminton & Culture – Socioeconomic, privilege and opportunities
Badminton Fashion
Badminton Olympics
Badminton History
Badminton Promotion/business/sponsors
Badminton Technique
Health Issues
Tournaments – Awards, History
Women and Minorities
*Your idea – ask teacher for approval

1) Search for information

Find 3 or more reliable sources about your topic, including at least one website. Books and databases will be helpful for some topics.

Take notes as you go–and be sure to check the reliability of your sources using these SCRAP Test questions.

See LIBRARY RESOURCES below for more information about sources.

2) Submit SCRAP Test (for your website)

Show that you have evaluated the website (NOT DATABASE) you use by completing this SCRAP TEST FORM. Please work on the SCRAP Test as a group; one submission per group.

Helpful references to prepare for submitting your SCRAP Test form:
                    Questions to help you evaluate any source
                    Example of a completed quality SCRAP Test form

3) Create your poster or presentation

Be concise.

Take notes in your own words; do not copy directly into your project.

If printing images, consolidate them onto 1-3 pages (to save paper).



For the most part, this will be a web-based search. We have very few books on badminton; a few topics can be researched in databases.

Boston Globe (ProQuest)–Boston Badminton, championships, Olympics

Global Issues in Context (GALE)–Olympics, clothing (use “dress code”), famous players, championships

Health and Wellness (GALE)–injuries, doping, coordination/what body does, psychology

New York Times (GALE)–Olympics, clothing (use “dress code”), famous players, championships

Science in Context (GALE)–technique & physics of badminton, Olympics


Once you have found a website that you think is worthwhile, put it to the test: Submit this SCRAP TEST FORM to provide evidence showing the reliability of the website (NOT DATABASE) you used. DO NOT evaluate a library database with this form.

Helpful references to prepare for submitting your SCRAP Test form:

The few books available for this project are on a cart. If you can’t find what you need, then please check with Ms. King or Ms. Myers.

Cite everything you use (text and images)

EasyBib (select “Digital Image” to site your online images)

Noodletools: Sign in or sign up using your L-S Google Apps for Education Account. If you need help, ask Ms. King or Ms. Myers.