Biweekly Biography

The Biweekly Biography series highlights successful people from different walks of life. We are now featuring environmentalist, human rights activist, and politician, Wangari Maathai. Check out her video slideshow biography here:


Front cover of several books

We library folks love buying books that students want to read. So, if you have read many–or any–great books lately, we want to know.

Please share your reading suggestions in person by talking to a library staff member, through the paper forms at the library desk or in the New Fiction area, or submit them to our virtual suggestion box. You may see your suggestion appear on our library shelves!


The Massachusetts School Library Association has awarded the Web Seal of Excellence to the LS Library website, created by our librarians Susan King and Paula Myers. According to the MSLA, this award “recognizes excellence in a school library’s use of web tools” and is based on criteria such as purpose and program, evidence of outreach and collaboration, design, navigation, and links. Way to go, LS!


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NO, I have not signed up for an LS NoodleTools account.

Even if you used NoodleTools in middle school, you must create a new LS NoodleTools account. Click here to sign up for Noodletools. If you need help, here are some instructions. For additional assistance, please see a library staff member.

YES, I already signed up for an LS NoodleTools account.

If you already have an LS NoodleTools account, then login here. Or, login to your your LS Google account, then click the waffle menu in the upper right corner to access NoodleTools. If you need help, here are some instructions (see page 2). For additional assistance, please see a library staff member.

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