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ES2 Oceans Home

BLOCK 1 : Physical Oceanography Activities : ES2

Oceans Notes ES2


Oceans Homework ES2


Oceans Activities ES2



Oceans Labs ES2


Oceans Quest ES2


yellow review sheets

Activity Ocean Map for Gee Whiz Ocean Quiz use command/shift/- to zoom out to see whole world oceans

Activity Climate Change Video Questions ES2****Climate Change Video Questions ES2 Key

Activity Waves on Water Video ES2*****Waves on Water Video Key

Activity Inconvenient Truth Video Notes and Letter Template**** Inconvenient Truth Video Class Notes

Activity Beach Video questions*****Beach River of Sand Video Key

Activity Virtual Waves/El NinoES2 handout *****El Nino website**********Savage Seas website*****NYTimes tsunami article

Activity Seafloor questions*****Seafloor Video Key

For Gee Whiz Ocean"Quiz" handout, go to password protected student handouts: use your LS server username & password in lower case letters. You may need to quit browser and reopen if you get the error message "authorization required" (may happen if you mistype name or password)