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Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School    

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Important Dates for 2015 – 2016

Tuesday, October 13 last day to change levels for quarter 1
Thursday, October 22 Math Olympiad Round I
January 21 midterm exams begin (if not too many snow days)
  American Math Competition
  last day to change levels for quarter 2
  last day to change levels for semester 2
Tuesday, March 1 Math Olympiad Round II
  American Invitational Math Exam
  8th Grade Parents' Night
Wednesday, May 6 AP Calculus Exam (both AB and BC) in morning
Friday, May 8 AP Statistics Exam in afternoon

May 12 – 13

10th grade MCAS Math Exam
  seniors' last day of class
Monday, June 22 final exams begin (if all snow days are used)






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