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L-S Jazz Warriors

The Jazz Warriors Combo is an auditioned group that meets once a week to play jazz in a combo setting. The focus is on learning jazz standards, developing an individual improvisational voice, and a communicative group sound. The group performs at school concerts and at events in the community. Contact thomas_grandprey@lsrhs.net to schedule a performance.

Students are eligible to audition if they are enrolled in a major music ensemble (Concert or Symphonic Band, Orchestra, or Choir)

Bag of Blues





Jazz Warriors 11-12

Tyler Mangini: Alto Sax, Ian Baize: Flute, Sam Glick: Guitar, Cam Kinney: Bass, Raphael Fabisiewicz: Piano, Zach Goldman: Drums


Mass. Medical Society Headquarters Dec. 2011

warriors 10/2011

World Language Mural Dedication October 20, 2011


Jazz Warriors 10-11

Tyler Mangini: Alto Sax, Ian Baize: Flute, Sam Glick: Guitar, Max Glick: Bass, Martin Quinn: Piano, Max Weiss: Drums

warriors 10-11 warriors 11-12 2


Jazz Warriors 09-10

Nick Strahan: Alto Sax, Matt Gleason: Trumpet, Chris Nifong: Guitar, Dan Gordon: Bass, Martin Quinn: Piano, Tony Sanders & Chip Clarke: Drums

warriors 09-10


Jazz Warriors 2008-09

Anderson Koenig: Trombone, Ethan Silverman: Tenor Sax, Chris Nifong: Guitar, Martin Quinn: Piano, Max Lobeck: Bass, Chip Clarke and Patrick Barret: Drums

mq cc


Jazz Warriors 2007-08

Andy Lasky: Trombone, Russ Gabeler-Lee: Alto, Matt Gleason: Trumpet, Pat Gogan: Guitar, Martin Quinn: Piano, Alex Muri: Bass, Alex Goldman and Adam Raphael: Drums

pat whole adam r drum
alex m
pat g whole
Pics from Whole Foods Market
Harvest Fest Fall 2007

andy office

Andy In the "Recording Studio"


Warrior's Concert Pic's at lsfriendsofmusic.org

The Jazz Warriors Combo performed during the 2007-08 school year at;

Whole Foods Market Harvest Fest 11-07

Select Ensemble Concert 12-07

Jumbalaya Cookoff Katrina Project Fundraiser 2-08

Cabaret Concert 4-08

Not Just Desserts 5-08



Jazz Warriors 2006-07

  Pat Guitar


Andy Lasky and Will McCartney: Trombone, Mak Hussain and Russ Gabeler-Lee: Altos, George Massey: Trumpet, Pat Gogan: Guitar, Megan Outly: Piano, Alex Muri: Bass, Eli Mueller and Dan Glanz: Drums


The Jazz Warriors Combo performed during the 2006-07 school year at;

Small Ensemble Concert 11-06

Curtis Book Fair 11-06

Bemis Hall Chamber Concert 2-07

Concert at the Monestary 2-07

Small Ensemble Concert 3-07

Not Just Desserts 5-07

Instrumental Showcase 5-07


Jazz Warriors 2005-06



Mike Rizzo: Drums, Dan Glanz: Drums, Alex Muri: Bass
Tom Hebble Alto,   Andy Lasky: V. Trombone, Adam Quint: Piano
Will McCartney: Trombone, Mak Hussain: Alto

The Warriors performed at the Small Ensemble Concerts 11-05 and 3-06, Bemis Hall Chamber Concert 12-05, Instrumental Showcase 5-06

“To jazz, or not to jazz, there is no question!”. ~Louis Armstrong


Jazz Combo Auditions 2012-13



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Literature 2011-12


Freedom Jazz Dance

The Preacher

Oye Como Va




Congrat's to our 2011-12 MMEA Junior District Honor Group Participant!

Cam Kinney; Bass Guitar Jazz*


Alex Muri L-S 08 was awarded the Judges Choice Award for his bass skills at the 2008 Berklee College High School Jazz Festival

Listen to L-S Jazz Warriors Recordings @ lsfriendsofmusic.org



Warriors- Tunisia 1/8/08 rehearsal recordings Full Group Rhythm Section

New Pics to be added soon! Check out the Gallery on the Friends of Music Website for more!


Pics from 2008 Master Class with Jeff Coffin (Saxophonist with the Dave Matthews Band)


2011-12 Jazz Combo Auditions Info. on L-S Instrumental Homepage


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Sculler's www.scullersjazz.com


Acton Jazz Cafe


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musictheory.net Learn about theory and test your interval and chord recognition on the trainers

Aebersold Books www.aebersold.com Free: Download the jazz handbook

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