Erin Schuster
2010-11 Semester 2, Block 4
First Quarter | Second Quarter
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  Project 1:
In this project we had to draw a line drawing and scan it into Photoshop. Then we had to fill it in and make the outline layer transparent.

  Assignment 5: Light Burst
In this assignment learned how to use new filters, solarize and blur. The goal was to have text and make it glow.
  Assignment 4: Big Fish Photo
In this assignment we learned how to make duplicates of layers and use quickmask. The goal was to make the fish in the picture larger, but leave everything else the same size.
  Assignment 3: Cartoon Birds
In this assignment we used a line drawing and we learned how to make the outline and color in the picture properly. The goal was to color in the scene.
Assignment 2: Layers Scene
In this assignment we learned how to work with layers and rearranging them and how to change the layers as a whole. The goal was to draw a scene with more than four layers.
  Assignment 1: Cube and Sphere
In this assignment we learned how to use some of the basic tools in photoshop like using the brush, gradients, magic want tool, etc. The goal was to draw a cube and a sphere.