Tim Orie
2010-11 Semester 2, Block 4
First Quarter | Second Quarter
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P3 thumbnail   Project 3: Postage Stamps
Postage Stamp Design:Using filters and tools, we created a background of dots and foreshadows that look like the holes of a postage stamp. We then chose a theme and created many different images in each stamp. We also used the option+4 key to set prices on them.
P3 thumbnail   Project 2: Monochromtic Palettes
Monochromatic Elements:Using monochromatic colors and countless filters i created an abstract image, and then used colors of the exact opposite to create a background.

Assignment 10: Thumbnail Composition
Thumbnail Composition: Starting on paper, we drew many different small space designs using simple restrictions to create new patterns and pictures. We then transferred those pictures onto photoshop and madem 2 different pages of it.
a9   Assignment 9: Text as Shapes and Texture
Text as Shapes:Using my initials and a monochromatic color wheel, I created new shapes using negative space and assigned a different color or pattern to each.
  Assignment 8: Working with Text
Working with Text:Text is a good way to make words, but words are also a good way of making pictures. Aligning words in different manners by using the transform tool, we made a picture using words and a brush preset of a word.
  Assignment 7: Layer Masks
Layer Mask:Using layer masks is a non destructive way to create a very interesting and picture. We blended many different pictures into one picture and they all blend with each other making it look realistic
thumbnail   Assignment 6: Expanded Square
Expanded Square:For this assignment we learned the importance of the interaction between positive and negative. We started with a basic black square but by transforming vertical or horizontal we made a line of symmetry in many places.